Embarking on a Culinary Journey: Uncovering the Diversity of Dim Sum in Los Angeles
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Embarking on a Culinary Journey: Uncovering the Diversity of Dim Sum in Los Angeles

The Evolution of Dim Sum in Los Angeles

Dim sum in Los Angeles has been constantly changing. While traditional restaurants like NBC Seafood have been serving dim sum for over 30 years, newer ones like ixlb have introduced modern twists, like ordering from an iPad. Whether you’re after a long, leisurely meal with your family or a quick carryout, there’s a dim sum place for you in Los Angeles.

The Sad and Happy Side of Dim Sum in Los Angeles

Because of the pandemic, some great dim sum places in Los Angeles, like China Red in Arcadia, have had to close. On the plus side, though, some new fast-casual places have opened. Though some may not like the laid-back look, keep in mind that dim sum was first made as a snack for tourists in Canton (now Guangzhou) in the 10th century. They have some of the best and widest range of dim sum in the country right now.

In Los Angeles, where to find Dim Sum?

No matter what you’re craving, this list will help you find the best places to eat dim sum in Los Angeles.

NBC Seafood Food

A Monterey Park dim sum spot called NBC Seafood has been around for a long time. If you can, go during the week when there are no lines. You can eat spicy fried tofu made in the Hong Kong way and stuffed bitter melon in black bean sauce here.

The Capital Seafood

On the weekends, Capital Seafood in Arcadia is a little less crowded. You can eat lots of tasty food, like crystal har gow and zhaliang. You use a slip of paper to place your order instead of a cart.

Tian’s Fast Food and Dim Sum

Tian’s is a relaxed restaurant in Chinatown that serves a range of dumplings, buns, and other foods. For a fun treat, try the tiny buns that are deep-fried and filled with condensed milk.


Elite offers a more sophisticated setting. The menu includes popular dishes like golden cream buns and crispy roast Macau pork belly. You order by ticket here as well.

ixlb Dim Sum Eats

ixlb offers a modern, fast-casual setting where you order from an iPad. The menu includes a variety of bao and golden dishes like chicken curry puffs.

Bao Dim Sum House

This upscale spot near Beverly Grove offers dishes like bao milk buns and juicy pork XLB. It’s one of the few worthwhile dim sum places on the West side.

Seafood Cove 2

Seafood Cove 2 in northern O.C. is a popular spot known for dishes like xiu mai, har gao, and shrimp noodle rolls. The wait can be long, especially at 9 a.m.

Lunasia Dim Sum House

Lunasia offers a quieter, modern setting. It serves dim sum well into the evening and offers pre-set family meals. Try the deep-fried carrot balls for dessert.

Dim Sum Express

Dim Sum Express in Monterey Park offers a variety of dim sum to-go. You can order by the piece, making it a great option for a quick snack or solo dining.

Conclusion: Enjoying the Dim Sum Scene in L.A.

Whether you prefer traditional or modern dim sum, there’s a place for you in Los Angeles So why not explore the city’s dim sum scene and discover your new favorite spot?