Bakery Fined $3,000 for Safety and Guest Issues
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Bakery Fined $3,000 for Safety and Guest Issues

Anyone who likes sweets knows Proofer Bakery well. But they recently got into a sticky situation that hurt more than just their image. The bakery got a big $3,000 fine in court on Wednesday for a bunch of safety mistakes, like the time they found dead mice in their food prep area, which was very scary.

Bakery Fined $3,000: The Unsettling Day of Inspection

Bakery Fined $3,000 for Safety and Guest Issues

Here we go back to October 26, 2021. The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) chose to do an unannounced inspection at Proofer Bakery’s unit, which is in a business building at 171 Kampong Ampat, just off MacPherson Road. What happened during this visit was nothing less than a shockingly scary show.

Bakery Fined $3,000: Mice on the Menu: The Shocking Find

While checking for food safety, SFA police came across a scene straight out of a nightmare: dead mice lying around on the bakery floor in the area where food is being prepared. The discovery was not only gross, but it also made people very worried about Proofer Bakery’s general cleanliness.

Bakery Fined $3,000: Beyond Mice: Lots of Safety Gaps

It was the mice who caused all the trouble, but they weren’t the only ones. SFA officials saw a lot of safety problems that were caused by not taking care of the building and its tools properly. Imagine a kitchen where the tools aren’t being used and the whole place is dirty. Not exactly the best conditions for success.

A Short-Term Stop: SFA’s Quick Action

In order to protect public health and stop any possible dangers, the SFA acted quickly. The food business at Proofer Bakery would have to temporarily stop running from October 26, 2021, to January 25, 2022. This meant that making, selling, and any other cooking activities had to stop.

Fix it or risk what will happen.

Proofer Bakery wasn’t just left to deal with its mess. The SFA told the bakery to fix the problems they found, acting like a strict but caring parent. On the list of things to do were getting rid of the mice, making the building cleaner overall, and making sure that safety rules were followed correctly.

Proofer Bakery: Did You Learn?

Now for the million-dollar question: Did Proofer Bakery step up and deal with these issues? Time will tell if the bakery washed away the bad memories and made the necessary changes to meet food safety standards.

The main point is that cleanliness is important.

What can we all learn from this mess at the bakery? People have known for a long time that cleanliness is not only a trait, it’s a must. A clean and well-kept room is important whether you’re making tasty treats or doing your homework.

Everyone should remember what happened at Proofer Bakery: keep your areas clean, your tools in good shape, and those pesky guests (yes, we’re looking at you, mice) out of the kitchen. We hope that Proofer Bakery comes back stronger, having learned from its mistakes and vowed to only give treats that are not only tasty but also made with the utmost cleanliness. Until then, have fun baking, and may mice never come back to your home!